Blue Spring State Park

Blue Spring State Park..Wow. If you visit Florida 🧓🏻January or February try and camp ⛺️ where you can see the manatees. You will not be disappointed. If you can camp at the camp ground, then you will be allowed to visit the Manatees before the crowds arrive if you can wake up 😴 early.

Manatees at Blue Spring State Park

When we visited, the ranger had counted over 405. Amazing these gentle mammals have no predators except man and one can witness the scares from boats on almost every manatee. I must admit a great experience is listening 👂to the manatees breath in the morning. Shut up and listen. Maybe a good life lesson for us all. Two thumbs up!

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Finding the Manatees on Roadtrippers

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    1. travelswithgg Post author

      This was honestly one of the greatest experiences of my life. manatees Rock! Remember by Summer the Mantees have left the spring but I would still recommend. Thank you for following us and we love comments

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