Bink’s Report Card


Mack Landing Campground

Mack Landing USFS

Apalachicoli Forest

The bugs ? were bad but you are in a swamp so how you deduct for these. Bring bug stray. Sites are close together. No frills!

Total campsites:

10 RV sites & Tent sites

First come First Serve

Restrooms clean:

It’s a pit toilet.. There is NO bidet. Again NO Frills.



Shared water



Cell service:

? Very poor or NO.

Our favorite sites:

check as some sites are NOT level

Wild life we experienced:

Good bird ? watching, squirrels ?, & deer, skunk and of course alligators ?

Would we recommend?


  • Hiking: The forest has many trails that range in difficulty, making it a great place to go for a hike. Some popular trails include the Leon Sinks Geological Area and the Apalachicola River Wildlife and Environmental Area.
  • Camping: The forest offers several campgrounds where visitors can pitch their tents and spend the night surrounded by nature. Some popular campgrounds include Wright Lake Campground and Hickory Landing Campground.
  • Fishing: The forest has many lakes and streams that offer great fishing opportunities. Some popular spots for fishing include the Ochlockonee River and Lake Talquin.
  • Wildlife viewing: Apalachicola Forest is home to a variety of wildlife, including white-tailed deer, black bears, and alligators. Visitors can take a guided tour or explore on their own to see these animals in their natural habitats.
  • Kayaking and canoeing: The forest has many waterways that are perfect for kayaking and canoeing. The Apalachicola River is a popular spot for these activities.
  • Picnicking: The forest has several picnic areas where visitors can enjoy a meal surrounded by nature. Some popular picnic areas include the Camel Lake Recreation Area and the Wright Lake Recreation Area.
  • Hunting: The forest offers hunting opportunities for a variety of game, including deer, turkey, and wild hogs. Hunters must have a valid Florida hunting license and follow all hunting regulations.
  • Biking: The forest has many trails that are suitable for mountain biking. Some popular trails include the Munson Hills Trail and the Fort Braden Trail.
  • Horseback riding: The forest has several trails that are suitable for horseback riding. Some popular trails include the Camel Lake Equestrian Trail and the Bradwell Bay Wilderness Trail.
  • Photography: The forest’s natural beauty makes it a great place to take photographs. Visitors can capture images of the forest’s wildlife, landscapes, and unique

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