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Mckinney Falls State park

Mckinney Falls State Park

Austin, TX

spacious sites, multi trails, swimming in the falls But can be long walk to bathroom

Total campsites:

80 sites

Restrooms clean:



Yes … We recommend a Berkey water filter to run the water through. Water had a brown tint.


?Good 30 amp

Cell service:

? Yes service was Good

Our favorite sites:

We recommend using We recommend the premium sites.

Wild life we experienced:

Would we recommend?


  • The park’s waterfalls are like nature’s own lazy rivers. Sure, you could go to a water park and stand in line for hours, or you could just float down the park’s Lower Falls and let the natural current do the work.
  • The park’s rock formations are the original Instagram-worthy photo ops. You don’t need a filter when you’re standing in front of a 500 million-year-old limestone formation.
  • The park’s hiking trails are like a choose-your-own-adventure book. Do you want an easy stroll along Onion Creek or a challenging trek up to the park’s Rock Shelter? The choice is yours.
  • The park’s campgrounds are like a temporary home in the wild. But with fewer responsibilities, no mortgage, and plenty of opportunities to roast marshmallows.
  • The park’s historic structures are like time machines. Step back in time and explore the remains of the park’s 19th-century homestead and other historic sites.
  • The park’s wildlife is like a free petting zoo. But without the entrance fee or the risk of getting pecked by a goat.
  • The park’s fishing opportunities are like a game of “I Spy.” Can you spot the bass lurking in the depths of Onion Creek?
  • The park’s birdwatching opportunities are like a real-life episode of “Planet Earth.” From the endangered golden-cheeked warbler to the majestic bald eagle, the park is a birdwatcher’s paradise.
  • The park is 30 minutes from Austin so Get Weird!
  • The park’s picnicking areas are like an outdoor dining experience. But without the dress code or the judgmental waitstaff.
  • And last but not least, the park’s sunsets are like a work of art. So beautiful, you’ll forget about all the mosquito bites you got during the day.

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