Does size matter?

Does size really matter ??? It does for us . We had to laugh when we parked at a rest area and came out of the welcome center to view this !
When we were discussing a camper , we decided we wanted something comfortable, light to tow and no restroom inside. Our GG met all of our criteria…. This all depends on what you are looking for. We love to be outside when we’re camping . Cooking , relaxing and taking in everything the outdoors has to offer. I’m not saying we gave up comfort!
Once we had her, the inside had to be perfect. We have a queen size mattress inside and some cabinets …. that’s it ! In addition to the queen sized mattress that is standard with the Retro 509 jr, we added a 4 inch foam mattress topper plus a 3 inch feather bed !
I ordered quality deep pocked sheets, down pillows , a down comforter and a soft cotton duvet cover. Not to mention 4 small throw pillows …

All color coordinated of course ! When we climb into bed after a long day of hiking or kayaking, it feels like we are in a little nest !