St Elmo, CO

The most original ghost ? town in Colorado

Dead ? End street but not for the 4-wheelers driving through town

Saint Elmo is one of the most accessible and best preserved ghost towns in the West. It’s located just southwest of Buena Vista, CO. in Chalk Creek Canyon. We would recommend a stop to explore this historical ghost town. And maybe ? witness a Casper the friendly ghost along the way! PS the town is more historical than haunted ?

We sat along the banks of the Chalk Creek and ate lunch ? How long can you keep your feet in a Colorado Creek?

The drive up to the ghost town begins near the Mt Princeton Hot Springs Resort and the road ascends over 10,000 feet ?elevation along the Chalk Creek. We stopped ✋ on the way back and had a picnic ? lunch along the river banks to listen to the rush of a Colorado creek. *You will always find an answer in the sound of water ?*

Over 2,000 miners, wives, saloon girls, & etc. lived a hard life down these streets

Word of Warning ⚠️ ~ The road becomes a dirt road about half the way up the mountain. We had no issue pulling our teardrop, GG; however, if lots of rain occurs during or just prior this road could be an issue. Check conditions if in a big rig.

Each building has old newspaper ? depicting life in the region

The town has over 43 buildings remain scattered around: a saloon, courthouse/jail, mercantile, church, and private homes. The Chalk Creek winds through the town which has a current residence of 3 and ? of chipmunks.

Number one residents of St Elmo

History of St Elmo– Originally called Forrest City in 1880, Saint Elmo was renamed and incorporated shortly after. Gold and silver was what the miners were searching. Hard work and hard play was the life of these settlers. In its heyday of around 2,000 residents in 1881, the town was full of saloons, dance halls and other staples of a mostly male population. Females were very popular & would often have multiple marriage proposes to choose between.

St Elmo General Store

St. Elmo General Store – Open May to Sept was a fun ? stop for ice cream, souvenirs, antiques, cabin rental. Outside the doors ? of the General Store is home to hundreds of hummingbirds who call St Elmo home from the spring to summer. We watched the hummingbirds for over an hour with an ice cream ? in hand from the General Store.

Walking through history

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Guest house a bed and supper hotel

Ghost Town Guest House – Year round, supper, bed and breakfast located in town. The guest House appeared to be very quaint and maybe when back in this area we will consider a stay.

4×4 or jeep rental will help explore surrounding ruins

Pro-Tip: Our plan was to stop by St Elmo and spend an hour; albeit, if we had a do over our suggestion would be to plan atleast three days or more in this area. I was not aware of all the 4-wheel adventures that are available nearby. There are a few ruins around St Elmo you could explore with extra time, including Hancock and Mary Murphey Mine. It’s best to have a 4×4 or rent a Jeep, then you can go over Tincup Pass and explore Pitkin, Tincup and Ohio City. All easily done in a day. There is no camping on Co Rd 162.

Chalk Creek transversing the town

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The woods are lovely, dark and deep.”

Our thoughts ? about St Elmo Ghost Town

It’s free. The drive towards the town will amaze and relax. The town is a portal to the past lives of the early settlers. I promise you will be not be disappointed. I wish we had rented a keep and gone over Tincup Pass. ~Life is better by the camp fire~

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Hummingbirds of St Elmo

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