Kodachrome Basin State Park

Drive through Kodachrome State Park With over 67 monolithic stone spires

America the beautiful. It’s time to go wondering. As soon as you see it, you will know that the name fits perfectly. Kodachrome Basin State Park, with its red tinged rock formations and incredible blue skies, just begs to be photographed. The National Geographic Society came up with the name, and everyone agreed with it.

Wow Wow Wow WOW 🀩 😳

We originally chose this location as a home 🏠 base to hike and visit Bryce Canyon and the Grand Staircase National Park ;however, we underestimated this state park as it should have been a destination to explore more than a sleep πŸ’€ over.

Sedimentary Pipes within Kodachrome Basin State Park

There are over 67 monolithic stone spires, called sedimentary pipes, accentuate multihued sandstone layers that reveal 180 million years of geologic time. Walking among the spires resonates the power and beauty of nature. The race is long and in the end it is only against yourself. πŸ˜‡

Welcome to Kodachrome

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Alert:  Shakespeare Arch collapsed in April of last year.  The trail is still open but there is now just a pile of rubble where the arch used to be. Our country is so beautiful 😍 make more time for yourself and see these natural wonders. No one ever said on their death πŸ’€ bed, β€œI wish I had worked harder.”

Our campsite within Kodachrome Basin State Park
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Kodachrome Basin State Park offers 54 options for camping: ⛺️ 30 standard sites, 15 Full hook ups, 6 standard-partial hookup, 2 bunkhouses, 1 group site. We have camped across the USA and the bathrooms 🚽 within Kodachrome State Park are some of the best we have witnessed. The showers remind us of a day in the spa πŸ§–β€β™‚οΈ within the Ritz. Laundry 🧺 facilities are top notch.

Coffee in the morning with a Jackrabbit

Camping Fees:

Basin Campground standard Site (no hook-ups): $25.00/ night (max. 8 people, 1 vehicle)

Basin Campground Full Hook-Up Site (13 sites available): $35.00/night (max. 8 people, 1 vehicle)

Bryce View Campground: $25.00/night (Vault toilet, no hookups, max 4 people, 1 vehicle)

Arch Campground: $35.00/night (max 8 people, 1 vehicle, power and water hookups)

Bunkhouses: $85.00/night (No running water in bunkhouse, bring your own bedding, max 6 people, 1 vehicle)

Additional vehicles will be charged an additional vehicle fee per night:(Limit of one additional vehicle per site)

Additional Vehicle Fee:

$16.00 Per night (There is a maximum of one extra vehicle allowed on each site.)

Moon 🌚 rise on William’s Birthday πŸŽ‚ over Kodachrome Basin State Park


The geologic interest of the park are sandstone spires and columns called sand pipes, believed to be found nowhere else on earth. It is believed that the area was once similar to Yellowstone National Park with hot springs and geysers, which eventually filled up with sediment and solidified. Through time, the Entrada sandstone surrounding the solidified geysers eroded, leaving large sand pipes. Now stop πŸ›‘ waiting and plan your adventure today. Tomorrow may never arrive.

Free range cows πŸ„ roam the basin as we drive towards Shakespeares arch trail head

Rookie Mistake: We made the assumption that we could explore, hike, and drive this area in 3 days. We did not put a dent in the many todo adventures along this stretch of road and the afternoon heat limited adventures in the later day. Temperatures near πŸ’― in early August when we visited made hiking tough except in the morning.

Chimney Rock Kodachrome State Park

Kodachrome Basin State Park is located near Cannonville on Scenic Byway 12. This is one pretty epic road. Read our review of Scenic Byway 12. Consider exploring this stretch of roads and the multiple state parks (Kodachrome Basin, Escalante Petrified Forest, Anasazi State Park Museum), national parks (Bryce Canyon (which is 20 miles away) and Capitol Reef), scenic backways for travelers with 4 wheel drive(Cottonwood CanyonHole-in-the-RockBurr TrailHell’s Backbone) and virtually endless outdoor recreation options on the expansive Dixie National Forest.

Drone flying around Kodachrome State Park Campgrounds

Things to do within the park

Chimney Rock is the main attraction at Kodachrome Basin State Park, with the largest spire towering at 170 feet tall. Several hiking, biking, and equestrian trails run throughout the park. We would recommend spending atleast a full day exploring Kodachrome Basin State Park.

The Grand Parade Trail is an easy, 1-mile scenic trail that follows along the park road.

Angels Palace is another easy 1/2-mile trail

Eagle’s View Overlook is a little more challenging 3/4 mile trail

Panorama Trail is a 3 mile roundtrip That leads to the renowned Ballerina Slipper formation, with the option to continue for another two miles on the Big Bear Geyser/Cool Cave Trail. We did not have time to do Cool Cave trail but was told it is a must do. Next time. πŸ˜”

OMG 😳 this is real life. All who wonder are not lost

You are next to the Grand Staircase so plan to also explore this area πŸ₯Ύ πŸš΅β€β™€οΈ 🏍 – We recommend hiking Willis Creek Trail as we did a full day hike & was very happy with this hike.

Great slot canyon outside of Kodachrome Basin State Park

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Willis Creek trail was a great πŸ‘ hike

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Hiking Near Kodachrome

Willis Creek Slot Canyon –

Willis Creek Narrows is a mellow and accessible hike. Here, you’ll find great visual rewards with minimal effort. Skutumpah Rd is recommended to use 4wd; but, our Nissan made the journey with a couple scary hair pin turns. Check road conditions and weather before making this trip.

Willis Creek Slot Canyon is located off Skutumpah Road in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. The hike is a 4.8-mile round trip, but you can turn around after you finish the narrows section, making it a 2.6-mile round trip. The  trail gains a scant 300 feet as it follows the perennial Willis Creek. Much of the hike involves uncountable creek crossings or hiking directly in the creek, but the creek is generally only an inch or two deep. We enjoyed the feeling remoteness and seclution-you will likely only see a dozen or so other friendly hikers along the way.

Willis Creek with multiple stream crossings

Must do hike along the scenic byway drive just outside the gates Bryce Canyon

The Mossy Cave Trail is an easy (.4 mile) route that begins beside UT 12 between Tropic and the Bryce Canyon turn-off at Ruby’s Inn.🏨 The trail is mostly a level trail, following beside the fast-flowing stream and across two footbridges to a junction. We took some time to take off our shoes πŸ‘Ÿ and let the cool water run over our feet 🦢.

The trail comes to a Robert Foster β€œfork in the road.” The left fork has a short but steep climb through a patch of pine woodland to the cave, actually just a wide, mossy overhang in the Claron limestone, kept moist by water dripping from the ceiling. This freezes in winter, and the large ice pillars beneath do not fully melt until midsummer, partly as the cave faces northeast and hence receives no direct sunlight.

Soaking after the Mossy Trail/Waterfall hike

The Waterfall

The right branch of the trail leads a little further upstream to the waterfall, where the stream tumbles 15 feet over a ledge into a circular pool; above is a swirling channel and several quite deep potholes. We hiked up using the trails and then down walking, along and in, the stream.

Waterfall hike via the Mossy Cave trail

Further erosion is slowed by an underlying layer of much harder dolomite. Apart from small hoodoos and other minor formations lining the cliffs above the stream, the surroundings are wooded and gently undulating – not as scenic as the more famous section of Bryce National Park to the south. Don’t be afraid to take the roads less traveled. 🧳

Bryce Canyon is only 20 miles away from Kodachrome Basin State Park

Inspiration Point Bryce Canyon

Off Road Trail near Kodachrome

Cottonwood Canyon Road, also known as Road 400, is a 46 mile dirt road that connects U.S. Highway 89 with Utah SR 12 at Cannonville and traverses portions of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, offering a unique view into its heart. As high clearance vehicles are recommended, it’s ideal for four-wheeling, and drivers will be rewarded with an up close look at some stunning natural features, including colorful rock formations. If you want to get out on your feet, there are a number of outstanding hiking trails that can be accessed along the route too, like the Cottonwood Narrows, Hackberry Canyon and Round Valley Draw.

Cottonwood Canyon Rd is highly recommended but check road conditions

Money saving tip: Buy the annual national parks pass. The cost is $80. If you plan on being in any of the National parks more than three times you will save money. The pass will also allow you access to the National Monuments and sometimes discounts in the National Forest 🌳. There’s also discounts for seniors which can be applied against camping threw out America. Other discounts apply so please read the eligibility we can save you more money. We estimate we saved over $600 in park fees. 

Natural Bridge at Bryce Canyon National Park
Cottonwood Canyon Rd

Quick link to Kodachrome Basin State Park Website

Drone flight around Kodachrome Basin State Park

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